Google Services for Websites

Essential Google Services you need for your Website

In this post, I will present to you 3 very important services by Google that you definitely need if you run or plan on running a website. All the services are free to use and easy to integrate into your website.

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an essential tool for any website owner looking to improve their site’s visibility in search results. In simple words, using the search console you can make your website available to the Google search engines, so when people search on google about a topic, your website can also be listed in search results.

It helps you generate organic traffic. In addition to this, the search console will prompt you about any potential issues or bugs in your website which may affect your ranking in google searches.

This can include things like crawl errors, security alerts, mobile responsiveness, and manual actions taken by Google.

After Identifying the issues, it will help you fix the problems to enhance your site’s performance and ensure that your site is as visible and accessible as possible.

Visit Google Search Console here


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you as website owners to track and analyze user behavior on your sites. By integrating google analytics with your website you can check real-time views on your website, visitors by week, month, year, country, and much more.

With Google Analytics, you can get a detailed understanding of your site’s performance, and use this information to make informed decisions about your site’s design and content.

You can find out what search queries people are making to get to your website and what keywords can be potential for your site’s growth. You can also set up custom goals and events to track specific user actions and create custom reports to help you analyze your data.

Google Analytics has 2 variants, Universal Analytics and GA4. The UA will be expiring soon and GA4 is the new standard now.

Visit Google Analytics here


Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program that allows website owners to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their sites. This must be the most attractive service of all 3 I have discussed in this post because it can generate revenue.

I am sure that you must have seen some ads running on different websites. Most of those ads are by google Adsense but not all as there are other ad services similar to google. Let’s first learn how it works.

When a user clicks on one of these ads, the website owner earns a small percentage of the ad’s revenue. Adsense is a great way for website owners to monetize their traffic and generate additional income. With Adsense, you can choose from a variety of ad formats and targeting options to ensure that the ads displayed on your site are relevant and appealing to your audience.

You can also customize the size, placement, and appearance of the ads to match the look and feel of your site. But one thing to keep in mind before using google Adsense is that you can not start using it just by signing up for google Adsense.

You must apply for google Adsense, by telling google on which website you want to display ads, and then google will analyze certain things like if your website is generating enough traffic, the content is unique and providing value to users, the website is following AdSense policies, etc. After all, this is done, google can approve or disapprove your request for an Adsense account. Also, the approval process varies by country too.

Be sure to apply for Adsense only when you know that your website is at least 6 months old and has enough content to generate traffic.

Visit Google Adsense here


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